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Jan 10, 2023 7:00:00 AM | Entrepreneur Motivational Word: Catalyst

Catalysts change our lives. Are you ready to embrace change?

All it takes is a spark.
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In chemistry a catalyst is an agent introduced to a mixture of two or more chemicals that enables a faster outcome. In organic chemistry these are simple elements, enzymes or proteins. In civil affairs, a catalyst is a person or object that induces change in events or social institutions. To see a catalyst in action is to witness rapid change. Change that often we cannot control. But we can predict its outcome.

Have you ever been stuck in a rut? Doing the same things day after day? Dealing with the same boring routine and friends? Sometimes our daily habits and typical motivations do not work. What you need is change, a catalyst to bring new life to your situation. 

Fear of unknown results often hamper our willingness for change. We hesitate to bring in a catalyst into our lives. Because we fear the results.

Do not fear the catalyst. Study it. Learn what it can do for you. Then proceed with caution. 

I remember when the Google search engine came out. This simple web indexer still has the potential for massive catalyst in both personal and professional life. In 2004 I decided to look for my biological father, a person I knew only by a name. I was very curious to see my heritage. It only took 4 hours to find him. I made the call and within a few months we met. By the end of summer 2004 I had a brand-new career and job working for the Department of Defense. My search for my father turned into a catalytic event that transformed my life. I have much to thank him for.
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If you are stuck in a rut, then I challenge you to find your catalyst. Any entrepreneur or business professional will understand and compensate for change. It is up to us to welcome the catalyst. Prepare for it. And accept that things do change, but we can initiate this change.

What is your catalyst?

Richard Leon

Written By: Richard Leon

Ex Pat and Marine, Richard Leon has ran several businesses and now helps others with their business. He is also Co-Founder of HoneyDo