Beautiful sunsets and sunrises

Jan 4, 2023 8:00:00 AM | Motivational Word: Beauty

Beauty can motivate us in powerful ways.

Beauty is……

Some will say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Others will proclaim beauty is a physical blessing. Beauty is something to strive for. Or look up to. Beauty is what attracts our partners. Beauty establishes our standing in the social order.

Beauty 1

I believe beauty is much more than those ideas.

Simply put, Beauty is symmetry. Humans are pattern matching machines. We love to see puzzles and mysteries come together. When musical instruments and voices work in harmony to make a song, that is beauty. A bird’s flight can move us deeply. Staring up at the stars out in the countryside gives us wonder. Gazing into our lover’s eyes can ignite a joyful bliss. Watching a slow sunset gives us a feeling of well-being. These are examples of beauty and we can find it everywhere, including inside of us.

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Understanding what beauty really is can motivate us to create it in our thoughts, to our words. From our words we expand this concept to our creations, our presence and what we harmonize with. Striving for beauty in what we do is uplifting. Seeing beauty in the most ordinary object is inspiring.

Beauty 2

As we create beauty, we also establish order, in our lives and those we influence. To bring order to chaos is no small feat. 

Personally most of us I feel strive to bring some type of beauty to this world of ours. 

The symmetry of God in all he created can be witnessed bringing awe and wisdom. We create as God creates symmetry. We humans are capable of creating beauty like God creates beauty every day.

As you go forth today, take time to stop and see the beauty that surrounds you. Dig in deep like fingers in beach sand and truly take in a moment of pure God inspired wonder.

Beauty 3

You are beauty.

Richard Leon

Written By: Richard Leon

Ex Pat and Marine, Richard Leon has ran several businesses and now helps others with their business. He is also Co-Founder of HoneyDo