Jan 16, 2023 10:21:26 AM | Motivation Motivational Word: Accomplish

Accomplishments help to define who we are.

Accomplishments are something most of us want to achieve in life. We want to make our mark, make our life mean something. Often these accomplishments define us. If someone did a cliff note version of our lives, they would highlight our accomplishments. What we choose to accomplish will guide our path in life. As a ship sets sail for a port, we set sail in life to achieve our accomplishments.

Now those who do not want to accomplish anything usually spend the day on a couch or bed not doing much. These low achievers partake heavily in idle past times, imbibing in calorie rich alcoholic substances. Their arguments are nihilistic, and consists of a few key phrases. “None of this matters. Why should I care? Why do I even bother with doing anything? Life is meaningless.” There is nothing wrong with rest, but indulging in it with no further aims rots the soul. How can you expect to lead a rich life with nothing to show for it?


Accomplishments do more than define us. As we chase down our accomplishments, we are creating our life experience. The friends we make and the stories we will tell later revolve around what goals we aim to accomplish.

One can look at major accomplishments in life as markers or bullet points in our life. There are lots of details to fill in on the idea but the accomplishment itself, the successful completion of the task helps define our journey.

What you strive to accomplish in life should motivate you, help define you. Choose carefully then but make a choice on what to achieve. Often our initial accomplishments are but stepping stones to something greater. Make sure you show others what your life is about by what you accomplish.


Richard Leon

Written By: Richard Leon

Ex Pat and Marine, Richard Leon has ran several businesses and now helps others with their business. He is also Co-Founder of HoneyDo