Creating an identity for your business

Jan 2, 2023 2:06:17 PM | Consulting Creating an identity for your business

Creating your brand or business identity is critical in order to promote your company to your customers. Put careful though into what your customer sees.


Creating an identity for your business should be something to carefully consider. This represents your brand and is something your customer will consider consciously and subconsciously when interacting with you and your employees. It is not just a logo but a full brand identity. The logo is just a crucial part of it. The logo is the heart of your brand. Make sure you consider everything and give your marketer as much feedback as needed to get your brand on point.

Before we jump into what your logo should represent lets go into the different types of logos out there.

  1. Wordmark
  2. Letterform
  3. Monogram
  4. Symbols
  5.  Abstractions
  6. Mascots
  7. Emblems
  8. Combinations
  9. Dynamic

Some examples here:

Logo2Logo4Logo 1

Full information on the types and how they are used here. 

After you get some ideas, consider what colors you want associated with the brand.

Brand colors affect everything including the mood and perception your customers will get from interacting with your company.

We chose a deep red along with black and crème color to represent what we are about in our mission statement. In order to help our customers, inspire others and serve God and the community, we have to be focused and energetic in what we do. We have to obtain results for our clients. The red color represents this with black and white forming the backdrop for what we do.

Here is a great list of colors and ideas on how to choose colors for your brand.

color (3)

(Swatch of Colors of HoneyDo Brand)

As you work on your logo you need to consider your overall brand and create a brand style guide.

A brand style guide is a set of rules and guidelines for marketing and media professionals to work with in creating art assets for a company. 

Here are some elements of a typical brand style guide:

  • Mission statement
  • Buyer Persona
  • Color Palette
  • Editorial Style Guide
  • Typography

Here is a list of 21 different brand styles to give you inspiration for your company.

It is good to also think about art styles of the past and think about how you want your company to be represented visually.

Some art styles to consider:

  • Contemporary
  • Minimalist
  • Flat
  • Retro
  • Psychedelic
  • Art Nouveau
  • Art Deco
  • Victorian
  • Bauhaus
  • Modern
  • Pop

Make sure you give your visual artist plenty of reference material when you create your brand style guide.

Until next time my friends.

Richard Leon

Written By: Richard Leon

Ex Pat and Marine, Richard Leon has ran several businesses and now helps others with their business. He is also Co-Founder of HoneyDo