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The Red Lion Agency has several pricing packages to choose from

At The Red Lion Agency we want you to know the services you will get if you purchase one of our packages. We want to be fully transparent with our clients.

  • Our labor rate is $130 an hour
  • Our consulting rate is $260 an hour
  • We offer discounts for Veterans
  • We offer one time packages and continuous growth engagements.
  • Continuous growth engagement packages are sold by blocks of time along with an initial fee.

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We provide services to the Greater Houston area and World Wide

Here are some of our pricing packages.

These packages are one time only fees except for the continuous growth package which is a full engagement.


Branding Package $2500

Style Guide Style
1 Hour consultation and 2 revisions.

Deluxe Branding $3800  

2 Logos
Brand Style Guide
Business Cards
6 Unique Icons 
1 Hour consultation 4 revisions

Start up/ Pivot Package $5500 

Branding Package
2 Hours of Consultation
1 Launch Pad Website 5-7 pages
1 Social Media Channel
HubSpot CRM Implement

HubSpot CRM Implement (for Free and Starter) $2800

  • Connect all representatives inboxes inside CRM
  • Set up all lead capture and operations forms
  • Import/ Create Blog
  • Import and clean all data
  • Set up Custom Properties
  • Set up a report dashboard 
  • 8 Hour of training
  • Set up deal stages
  • Branding Package Implemented 


HubSpot Professional Sales Enablement $9500 

Creating 2 Sales documents/ Setting up Documents Library 
Create email templates
Create prospecting sequence (5-7 touches) 
Creating Sales Key Performance Indicators
Set up Website Chat
Set up Meeting Tool
Set up Round Robin for inbound sales 
Sales training on Buyer Personas and MQL to SQL

Ultimate Website and Revenue Operations Package $27,500 

  • Deluxe Branding Package
  • 15-20 page Website
  • Create Marketing Buyer Persona
  • Set up forms
  • Refine chat bots
  • Connect 2 Advertising Channels
  • Set up HubSpot Sales Professional
  • Set up HubSpot Marketing Professional
  • Connect Facebook or LinkedIn Social media
  • Keyword Research Planning
  • 15 pre planned Social Media ads
  • Set up Blog/ Create 2 Blog Posts as examples
  • Set up 2 Landing Pages (Will A/B test 2 pages)