Our Services

This is how we can help you as our client. We believe in the products and services we provide to you. Below we will show you how in detail.

We Do More Than Just Build Websites

Everything we do from website creation to making social media campaigns comes from the below services we provide.

We create digital assets, implement technology, and provide consulting in marketing and sales.


Our focus is on startup to early mid size companies in energy, industrial, and software sectors.


We use HubSpot's inbound sales and marketing methodologies to grow your business.


We know what to write

We create stories for you

Stories is still what connects us as a culture.

At The Red Lion Agency we come from a background of book publishers, editors and copywriters. From blog posts, websites and informational books we can tell your amazing story. We believe in simple direct communications in this fast paced society. We will get your point across and tell your story.

We know how to tell your story

We make videos and images that tell stories.

Our images and videos go along with your brand voice, mission statement and story to be told. 

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We live in the 21st Century

We can integrate advanced technology into your business 

We focus on HubSpot but we can add much more.

HubSpot is a platform for your business. We can connect and integrate everything from Quickbooks to Ring Central into your company. We keep up with the latest trends and know how to keep your company relevant. 

We can build you more than just a website. We can create your own online E-Commerce store or create a full on marketplace for your vendors. We have the ability to make your online vision come true.

We integrate your social media platforms into HubSpot for advanced control and integration. We make sure your business takes advantage of technologies for phone calls, SMS texts, emails and more. We can even install a chatbot to help qualify buyers while you are busy at work or off. 

We can help set up QuickBooks to send out invoices or merge other software into your CRM. We can help streamline your payment processing and invoices. 

Want to set up Microsoft or Google Work Space for your team? We can help. These platforms are great for getting things done. Want a more secure alternative? We can set up ProtonMail for your business too! 

From processes and procedures to service tickets we can set up and implement a better way for your team to work together for your customer.

We are well read in business

Our learning comes from gifted thought leaders such as Charles Munger, Peter Drucker and Simon Sinek

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