Case Studies

Below are a few examples of our work. We will be adding more to this section as we help others in our community. Each case will highlight the work we did with links to the actual website we worked on.

DTL Logo Final Small

Time for a new look

Pivoting a business

An example of Rebranding, HubSpot CRM, Marketing and Sales Integration

David the locator is an apartment locator business with a 23 year history. We discussed how to help strengthen the business and pivot it for the 21st Century.

This is how our agency helped

There is a lot of work involved in pivoting a business

We focused on increasing lead capture along with online digital presence.

Work completed:

  • Rebranding with new logo and colors
  • Changes to business model 
  • HubSpot CRM integration
  • HubSpot Marketing and Sales Starter Package
  • Touching up the website with new pages, colors and information
  • Creating several lead forms, calls to actions (CTA's) and landing pages
  • Sales pipeline creation and implementation
  • Google My Business Page updated

Built from the ground up

Building a New Business from ideation

Branding, Consulting, HubSpot Marketing, CRM and Sales Set up, Facebook and Instagram Ads

This business was a great idea which came to life under our hard work and efforts. HoneyDo is a great idea but needed hard work and quality effort on everyone's part. Today it is onboarding vendors and renters.

FB 1000 x 1000 Logo

This is how our agency helped

Building a business from scratch is not easy

We built this business to scale quickly from Start-Up to a Nationwide business.

Work completed:

  • Two Websites: One for information and the other a marketplace
  • HubSpot Starter Package including, Sales, Marketing, CRM, Service and Operations
  • Lead capture forms
  • Facebook branding campaigns
  • Instagram branding campaigns
  • Unique Image assets for social media
  • Simple branding videos
  • Sharetribe marketplace
  • PayPal Integration
  • Stripe Integration
  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Over 10 blogs written for natural Website SEO
  • Google My business page
  • Local SEO campaign
  • LinkedIn Business Page
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Instagram Business Page

Leader Impact Logo Proper

Turning a simple online presence into a digital force to be reckoned with.

Legitimizing your online business presence

Creating a digital presence for your clients.

We worked with Leader Impact an international brand to create a digital presence along with tying Eventbrite to their HubSpot CRM to allow for local online gatherings and lead generation. 

This is how our agency helped

Competing with other businesses in your market is tough

We built a new website just for the Houston area and tied in Eventbrite..

Work completed:

  • Eventbrite tie into HubSpot
  • Website build
  • CRM Implementation
  • Chatbot and forms created

Creating a digital presence for your audience

Large clients want to see your work.

We rebuilt their website and integrated with their CRM BuilderTrend.

WPR had leads but not the high quality clients they desired. We rebuilt their website and added a portfolio to show off their work. This website helped WPR to win large contracts and set themselves apart online from their competitors.


This is how our agency helped

By understanding the buyer persona for our client

We wanted to create an online presence a billion dollar company would invest in.

Work completed:

  • Brand establishment (Typography and colors)
  • Website Build
  • Hosting
  • Work Portfolio
  • Integration of Builder Trend CRM and Project management tool
  • Google My Business Page
  • Facebook Business Page
  • LinkedIn Business Page

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